Sunday, February 23, 2014

Happines is....

an old split window beetle and an abandoned gravel road......

Hessich Oldendorff - Petermax Rennen - Prototyp Museum

Memories for a lifetime...!
We visited CSP, the prototyp museum in Hamburg, and participated in the Petermax Müller memorial race from Hamburg to Hessich. I really recommend a visit to these places - you will not be disappointed.
As usual, I took too few photos, but here are a couple....

On the way to Germany...!

It was a great day when we could finally go onboard the Kiel ferry and head towards Germany. Had good company from a lot of fellow vw friends as well =)

Preparations - Hessich Oldendorff

Although the car was finally registered, there was still a lot of small things to sort out. After all, we were going to the Hessich Oldendorff Show in Germany in just a few days time, and we wanted the trip to be smooth..... =)

As we were going to participate in the Petermax Müller memorial race as well, the car had to be "rally equipped" as well....

The seat belts came off Ebay... Old USAF belts from the late '50ies. Better than nothing at all... ;-)

"MOT" time

Since the car had been off the road since 1975, I had to do some tracing on paperwork and also show the car to the road authority in Norway. With all papers in hand, the car was checked and approved by vegvesenet 29. May 2013. A great day!

First start

Things were coming together, and it was finally time to push the old gal out in the daylight again. Its looking a bit better now than when we pushed it inside the barn in 2006!

The doorpieces are the ones that were on the car when it came to Norway in 1958. Artex of sweden. Since they have been on the car for so long, I opted to keep them and just made some new plates to mount them on.


I had some great help from a friend, T2man, sorting out the electrics. But the headlights I had to wire myself. It took me the whole evening, but I got there in the end. Bright light! =)


I have collected old, original carpet pieces on various vw shows during the years, in both Sweden, Norway and Germany. Finally it was time to install some of them =)

The seats are the car's original. looking quite ok for being 60+ years..


It was nice to get the windows installed. New window rubbers all around, and a NOS front windshield from an old storage. It still has the sticker with the part no. on it =)