Monday, July 21, 2008

Mid-july....and the rainiest day ever this summer....

Hitting the wet roads with the -56 is quite okay, though.....larger engine, big tires and wet "tarmac" makes driving both funny and challenging....especially in roundabouts =)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm lucky that my old man also enjoys driving vw's - he drives '63 1200 - converted to a american roadster cab.

Earlier this summer, he shod the cab with new whitewall biasply tires - drove up to the vintage race "flåklypa grand prix" in Gudbrandsdalen and back again - a hefty 1000 kilometers in olny 36 hours.

With only a original 1200 engine and no cab - I call that hard core. He finished 5. in his class also, by the way.


All sun and summer at the 6V garage.... I want to have the wheels and rims ready when I start to work on the '50 chassis this winter. So yesterday I spent some hours in the sun grinding and prepping the wheels for paint. I'm going for original wide-5 wheels, just had the rears widened to 5,5". The new, 5.5" rim parts are of course original Kronprinz stuff.... =)

Started to prime them as well... =)
Thanks to oval57 for giving me two "NOS" spare wheels!