Monday, January 28, 2008

And on the more "fun" side.... Yesterday I completed welding on the left inner front fender. Also started to work on the heater channel, as it is kinda moth-eaten... Will continue this later this week, I hope.

When the engine was finally dismantled and cleaned and ready to fit the 1600 ccm would'nt fit!! Turned out that the engine was in fact a D-engine...which translates to a 1200 ccm 34 HP Sparkäfer engine....bad luck really - as we pulled it out from a -69 deluxe, and Sparkäfers aren't that common i Norway... So i had to start all over with a 1300 "F"-engine, pictured here. Boring, boring....!!

Monday, January 07, 2008

12 V Adultery……
I plan to sell a car in the summer of 2008, so a new engine have to be built. This engine was pulled out of a -69 1300 some years ago, I bought it from Oval57. I thoroughly cleaned and dismantled it, and was just going to install a good used set of 1600 pistons, cylinders and heads…. (everything will of course be converted to 6V!!)
But then suddenly, D-day came…. :-(