Monday, November 26, 2007

Funny thing...... Both Knechten's -52 and my -50 are repainted in some kind of horizon blue around the time they were imported from Sweden nearly 40 years ago. The other night in the garage, we desided to check the colours up against each other. As you can see from Knechten's tail-light....the colour is exactly the same... Have they been to the same place at one point of time? do they share a common history? If only they could tell the tale....

Monday, November 19, 2007

Last week in the garage saw some massaging of the left inne front fender. This was missing already when I bought the car, so it was good to get it back on - makes the car a bit more "whole" =)

Had to make a new lower mounting for the door as well - the driver door looks to have been bent/torn/cut off the car rather than being screwed off at one time in the past. A new door will be needed, but that will be in 2008...

I allowed myself one little "shortcut" - I used "kjemisk metall" - a polyesterbased metal-alloy to cover up some holes i the hot air-vent to the front screen...but please don't tell anybody... =)
The "VENG" part acutally did fit quite ok. It will need some more welds to be finished, but it sure make the owner get in better mood already!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Mantorp in 1995. "Betty" are marked as you can see:-)

SplitBoy has`nt always been into splits and ovals. He is the one of us that had a new VW. This 1973 model 1300 S was a great 90`s cal-looker. Living close to HotShop the parts was easy to get, and hard to pay. We drove it to Mantorp in 1995, first time at Mantorp for us!
Where is Betty now?

Thursday, November 01, 2007

A whole new beginning =)

Quite a good day in the garage yesterday =)
Filled in three small holes in the out back, and also managed to come a long way in repairing the right front inner fender. With a very good help from Knechten, it turned out really nice as Wednesday evening turned into Thursday morning… =)
As for the welding, we followed the instructions from Gunde Swan’s "Lär att svetsa som en proffs"