Tuesday, December 11, 2007

*STOLEN* Last night someone broke into SplitBoys car and stole an original Blaupunkt radio. It looks like the thiefs in this case were unfamiliar with opening a beetle, and finding the fastening screws for the radio. If anyone have any tips about the Blaupunkt radio, make sure to mail SplitBoy at outlavws@hotmail.com.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

One could wonder if the 6V house cat should be taken to the wet and castrated soon. This morning the cat left another "dead mouse" on our doorstep. If this don't stop, we have to build another barn. The cat keeps on dragging in.... and we keep on saving. And this for sure is a saver =) Something to do with the roof?

Monday, November 26, 2007

Funny thing...... Both Knechten's -52 and my -50 are repainted in some kind of horizon blue around the time they were imported from Sweden nearly 40 years ago. The other night in the garage, we desided to check the colours up against each other. As you can see from Knechten's tail-light....the colour is exactly the same... Have they been to the same place at one point of time? do they share a common history? If only they could tell the tale....

Monday, November 19, 2007

Last week in the garage saw some massaging of the left inne front fender. This was missing already when I bought the car, so it was good to get it back on - makes the car a bit more "whole" =)

Had to make a new lower mounting for the door as well - the driver door looks to have been bent/torn/cut off the car rather than being screwed off at one time in the past. A new door will be needed, but that will be in 2008...

I allowed myself one little "shortcut" - I used "kjemisk metall" - a polyesterbased metal-alloy to cover up some holes i the hot air-vent to the front screen...but please don't tell anybody... =)
The "VENG" part acutally did fit quite ok. It will need some more welds to be finished, but it sure make the owner get in better mood already!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Mantorp in 1995. "Betty" are marked as you can see:-)

SplitBoy has`nt always been into splits and ovals. He is the one of us that had a new VW. This 1973 model 1300 S was a great 90`s cal-looker. Living close to HotShop the parts was easy to get, and hard to pay. We drove it to Mantorp in 1995, first time at Mantorp for us!
Where is Betty now?

Thursday, November 01, 2007

A whole new beginning =)

Quite a good day in the garage yesterday =)
Filled in three small holes in the out back, and also managed to come a long way in repairing the right front inner fender. With a very good help from Knechten, it turned out really nice as Wednesday evening turned into Thursday morning… =)
As for the welding, we followed the instructions from Gunde Swan’s "Lär att svetsa som en proffs"

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Solid (?) but ugly?
Yesterday I welded on the chassis-mount on the right side of the car, as it was completely missing. I spent a great deal of time making it fit to the car, and also to try to weld it on properly. I have to admit - I am not a welder of excellence....not yet, anyway.. the chassismount appears to be rock solid now, but I will still have to practise a bit more to get it to look a little better... =)

Polishing chrome-parts is not the thing I should be doing at this stage, but I can't help myself.....

The new front bumper turned out quite ok after one hour polish with Autosol.. =)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Collecting parts....

Last night, on our way to the garage, we drove by another vw-fellow's place and picked up this front fender.

It's pretty rough, but with a litttle hard work and a few tubes of autosol, it might work out just fine on the split - so far, this is the crome part for this car with the most crome on.... ;-)

Saturday, August 04, 2007

When stored in the previous owner's barn, a cat decided to take a leak in the rear seat of my split. Quite a nasty smell...and an ugly spot on the fabric as well...
This weekend, I flushed the seats with cold water and washed them all thoroghly with "MILO" ( a detergent especially made for wool and silk). they are quite wet right now, but they smell quite good - and some of the foul spots disappeared as well... :-)
A hard day's work at an end.... I know this won't get me a job at Boyd's hot rod shop, but it will hopefully get the old gal through the Norwegian MOT-equvialent...
And yes, I know that the black piece of metal come from "VENG". I can live with that fact! My spilt has not been on the road for nearly 30 years....and to get her back there is the major issue, after all... :-)
So far in my spli-prosject, I have had halp with the welding. When starting on my own, i wanted to find som "easy" areas to begin with. The rear leaft inner fender was found suitable. ( I have a lot of places to work with..) It is quite fun when you start working!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

After the trips to both Mantorp and Bad Camberg, some of the missing parts for my split are starting to come together. Although my cabinet of goodies is rather small... it feels good to look at =)
My spare time the following weeks will be spent in the garage though, time to do some welding again!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Looking better than ever, the Jungle green draw a lot of attention at this years Bug Run.

With all the right details in place, the glaspack muffler and the black Talbot mirror made the finishing touches to the car. With perfect parking spot in the "Norwegian-corner" among some of the best cal-lookers attending the show, a lot of of people stopped to have a closer look at the clean 356 engine and this nice car. Splitboy sure did find the right recipie for this timemachine.

A very good ambassador for the Outlavws-look.

Monday, April 09, 2007

As the snow slowly vanishes, it's time to start thinking of summer activities again - bug cruz'in..

Toghether with oval57, I recently fired up my -56 and took her out for a little trip. It was so good to hear the flat four rumbling again... :-)

Almost ready for summer now - just have to wash off some dust and make some small adjustments..

Friday, February 09, 2007

One of the previous owners dismantled much of the front of the car - we can not quite see why.... so we welded both the front clip and the left inner fender back in place. They were too good to be thrown away. It felt very good - somehow, it now looks like it will become a car again :-)

With very good help from knechten, the first replacement panel was spot-welded in place. The two thin panels wanted to go everywhere but together, but we managed to get them toghether quite ok. Additional spotwelds will be made next time, but the fit is now as good as it gets...

A lot of air and missing panels was the deal when I bought this car. Although I have been giving it considerably thought whether this could be possible to sort out, it always helps to take one thing at a time.