Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rollin', rollin'

Last night, we had a delayed spring cleaning of the sechs volt barn, coupled with a nice barbeque served by farmer oval57 and girlfriend. After the "need to do" barn cleaning, we did the "nice to do". With some skilled help, the front drums  were mounted in seconds. I couldn't resist the opportunity to trialfit one front fender to see how it all would come together... =)

When we left the barn, the car was rollin' on all four wheels - many years have passed since the last time that happened...!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Front suspension....

Swapping the torsion leaves from the old suspension and over to the new one, is a messy thing.....grease all over....thanks to knechten for lending a pair of hands!

The front drums are repainted and new wheel bearings are inserted....the backing plates have had new brake parts mounted.on the wheels again before the summer holiday????


This 30 hp engine might not get anybody excited....but it is in quite good shape, and it will serve it's purpose until some vintage speed will enter the car (next winter). I rebuilt the carb and fuel pump, just to be sure. I do not regret making the reart valance removable - it was a whole new thing to fit an engine =)