Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rear fenders

The original rear fenders have been missing since the war, so suitable replacements had to be made. Some old replacement parts I bought on the Norwegian vw-forum two years ago, was brought in from the barn an fitted to the car.

The mounting pieces for the rear lights were purchased form wolfparts. These are excellent quality, and were a perfect fit.
Now we are getting somewhere =)

A good day's work at the garage!

The rear valance is original, but rather bent, battered and rusty... Faithful reproductions are available, but too expensive for me.

Earlier this summer, I had purchased one of the standard reproduction valances for pre-67 cars. After having cut and drilled out the original one, I cut out the "best of both worlds" from the two valances

After some trialfitting and measuring, the new piece was spotwelded together.
The holes for the twin-post -55 exhaust had to be handled of course, so they were welded shut as well.