Sunday, October 21, 2007

Solid (?) but ugly?
Yesterday I welded on the chassis-mount on the right side of the car, as it was completely missing. I spent a great deal of time making it fit to the car, and also to try to weld it on properly. I have to admit - I am not a welder of excellence....not yet, anyway.. the chassismount appears to be rock solid now, but I will still have to practise a bit more to get it to look a little better... =)

Polishing chrome-parts is not the thing I should be doing at this stage, but I can't help myself.....

The new front bumper turned out quite ok after one hour polish with Autosol.. =)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Collecting parts....

Last night, on our way to the garage, we drove by another vw-fellow's place and picked up this front fender.

It's pretty rough, but with a litttle hard work and a few tubes of autosol, it might work out just fine on the split - so far, this is the crome part for this car with the most crome on.... ;-)